Accomplish Ladies Truly Desire Relaxed Intercourse? Evaluation of the

Talk More (more talk): We need to talk more after the first stage. Simple so easy. It should be understood as to sit next to this child and read Battle and Peace. We can even tell the food we do when you cook. Using rich words that matter. Can tell him when doing an action. For example: “Now I’m dressing up your sock. Look outside the weather is very nice. ” as. From the moment it was born we are beginning to do that.

TAKE TURNS (do in order): We do not speak to the child by leaving a radio or to sit on the face of the television. Of course, we do not expect the child to talk to us. The sounds he removed their provides us. Even a corresponding to the eye contact.

The binding is the relationship between the child and the person overlooking him. If the secure binding is, the child is out of the person overlooking her, it is stressed within a certain period of time and this stress is actually abnormal. If he can manage this stress within its own, the positive interaction, love and play language again when he met with the person facing again.

The output point of the binding theory in the 1960s, John Bowlby and Mary Ainsworth. In the experiment, they leave a child in a room with the toys and the person overlooking him and with a stranger. It comes out of the foreign room, the boy stays with the person overlooking him or the person overlooking her is staying with the boy stranger. By making variations like this, they are looking at what the child is doing and what you feel. When people come out of the room and reverse, they conclude that they can continue the dialogue between again.

One of the ways to understand if there is a problem in secure attachment, the person who is interested in the child has a binding problem if the child is in the crisis and continuously when the child will not come back to him when the child must leave the child to another. May be pointing to it.

It is trying to figure out the environment in which the human is in the world. A lot of assumptions and inferences. Safe binding is therefore important. It is a safe world that other people are not enemies, the assumptions that the assumptions that they can get help from others when they need help and the most basic stones of personality are made in the world.

Need to be consistent in the most essence to ensure secure attachment. The child is trying to understand the patterns of behavior and the inconsistency, amazing, not expected movements, when it turns on, when the stress is living, and when it needs to support him when he needs help, negatively. I have to leave the child to someone else and stealthily go away from home. Of course, the child will not be with parents every minute but it is important to let them know that they will come back when they are gone, the child feel safe and peaceful.

Adults that cannot establish a safe binding relationship are unable to establish a good relationship, unable to express themselves, they cannot manage their feelings, are forced to closely with other people. Therefore, it is also a considerable consideration.

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